Vitamin Vapes

There are different ways to cope with stress, fatigue, or insomnia that every one of us gets to experience at least once in a lifetime.   But consuming, caffeine, vitamin B12, or even melatonin pills and taking shots is not an option anymore. Because the world now has a perfectly safe way to take the vitamins in - by inhaling them - at your place, in your free time.   You don't need medical assistance to get your dose of vitamins.   There's nothing like the satisfying feeling of popping out a perfect hit from a vape. Savor that moment, knowing each puff is loaded with vitamins, which offer all the basic nutritional needs your body craves. Great for when you want to rejuvenate after a long day at work.   We know that many people are still suspicious about vitamin vape or vitamin inhaler, but yes - it is safe and healthy. If it were unsafe or unhealthy, FDA would have told us that by now, don't you think?   How does it work? It works this way: heat disperses the vape into the air, then we get to inhale it into our lungs and get the vitamins into the bloodstream. It's a new, fast, and direct way of getting your needed dose of vitamins for better sleep, focus, and energy boost.       Why do we believe in our vitamin liquids? It's because we made them as safe and as efficient as possible, and if we had not, we wouldn't be using them ourselves and with our loved ones. The main ingredients of our liquids are Propylene glycol and glycerine. Propylene glycol is alcohol used to enhance flavors. It is also used as a humectant, which is its primary role in our liquids for inhalers. It's odorless, but it tastes slightly sweet. It's commonly used in the food and perfume industry.   Glycerin (vegetable glycerine) is a sugar alcohol made from plants, and it's commonly added to soaps and deodorants. However, it is most known for moisturizing skin. When heated, glycerine produces smooth vapor to deliver flavors. In addition, it's a colorless and odorless liquid. To improve the effects of our liquids, we've added different ingredients to our sleep, relax, energy and focus diffusers/vapes/inhalers.   We only use natural resources such as plants and fruit - for example, chamomile oil is 100% natural and safe, used to promote better sleep, and is proven to be helpful long-term.   Lavender oil has been used for centuries to treat inflammation, depression, and insomnia, so we try to help you fight these by adding them to our liquids.   To add some vitamin C, we've used watermelon extract, which is a potent antioxidant. It makes you healthier and happier - that's all we want you to be.   Also, we are helping you to produce more taurine. Taurine is naturally stored in our bodies. It's an amino sulfonic acid that is found in the brain, heart, and blood platelets. It helps nerve growth, which is very important.   We know how important vitamin B12 is for the normal functioning of the brain, heart, and central nervous system. But, unfortunately, the damage that vitamin B12 deficiency can cause takes a long time to treat. This is why we made sure that you take your B12 vitamin dose so that your whole body doesn't suffer from stress and lack of rest. Because everyday fatigue, or anemia, or lack of oxygen in your bloodstream and internal organs is not something, we can joke about.   Quality is the keyword here One thing is sure: Our vitamin vape has been around for a while - it's served as the differentiating lifestyle choice for people who besides low energy, non-focusing habits and  stress, also have trouble sleeping. Be free to turn yourself into someone who takes care of many health problems while sleeping.